Headsets for Siemens Phones

Hubris India: Headsets for Siemens Phones!!

Our headsets are designed to work perfectly with your Siemens Phones and are certified to endow you with exceptional sound quality regardless of your working environment.

Hubris India is the only company to satiate all your queries related to your headset for Siemens IP Phones selection. When you have doubts while selecting the most suitable or compatible headset for your Siemens Phone, simply call us at our helpline desk or drop an email and one of our experienced technicians will provide all the required details for the most appropriate headset solution for Siemens Phones as per your working atmosphere.

Our DEVICES FOR SIEMENS IP PHONES are incredibly lightweight and comfortable and are available in three different wearing styles, i.e. earlock, headband and neckband, to go well with any preference or situation.

To filter out background noises our headsets Siemens Phone are equipped with Noise cancelling microphone. 270-degree rotational microphone boom to facilitate right and left both speakers. It also has leatherette ear cushion to provide all day comfort. You can connect it directly to your Siemens Phone

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