Freemate DH027 TFNB USB Headset

  • Headsets for high end Soft Dialers.
  • Crisp & superior quality, Microsoft Lync UC.

Freemate DH027 TFNB RJ Headset

  • Most Demanding Headset in Contact Center.
  • Ultra Noise Cancellation for high end use.

Freemate DH09TB USB Headset

  • Best USB Headset for calling
  • USB Headset for contact centers.

Freemate DH09TB RJ Headset

  • Single / Dual earpiece headband
  • Specialized for all type of IP Phones.

Freemate DH 09T USB Headset

  • Single Ear Piece USB Headset with QD option
  • Specialize for Dialers, Computers

Freemate DH 09T RJ Headset

  • Single Ear Speaker headset for all day comfort
  • Specialize for IP Phones, Telephones.

Freemate DH037 USB Headset

  • Entry Level Noise Cancellation USB Headset.
  • Headset for Microsoft Unified Communication

Freemate DH037 RJ Headset

  • Ligfht weight comfortable Headset.
  • Specialized for Atcom, Avaya, Cisco IP Phones.

Dasscom DS2000 RJ and USB Headset

  • A High quality Noise Cancellation Headset.
  • Compatible with all types of phones system.

Dasscom DS1000ND USB Headset

  • Call Center Headset with USB Jack.
  • In Line Volume Control features.

Dasscom DS1000ND RJ Headset

  • Headset for Telephones, IP Phones,
  • AVAYA Systems, CISCO Phones

Dasscom DS800 USB Headset

  • Noise Cancellation USB Headset at low price.
  • Compatible with all types of soft phones.

Dasscom DS800 RJ Telephone Headset

  • Noise Cancellation RJ Headset at low price.
  • Compatible with all types of IP Phones

Dasscom DS52 USB Headset

  • Entry Level Dual Earpiece USB Headset
  • In Line Volume Control.

Dasscom DS52 RJ Headset

  • Entry Level Telephone Headset
  • Dual Ear Piece Headband with soft leather cushions

Dasscom DS42 USB

  • Entry Level Headset for Call Center.
  • Dual Ear Piece Headband with soft leather cushions.

Dasscom DS577 USB Headset

  • Mid level USB Headset for Domestic Call Centers.
  • Extreme Light weight USB Headset

Dasscom DS577 RJ Headset

  • A quality Noise Cancellation Headset at low price.
  • Compatible with Beetel, Panasonic and other phones.

Dasscom DS380 USB Headset

  • High quality Noise Cancellation USB Headset
  • Strong Durable light weight headset

Dasscom DS380 RJ Headset

  • Dual Earpiece RJ Headset for IP Phones and Analog Phones.

Jabra UC150 Headset

  • Entry Level Jabra USB Headset
  • Micosoft Lync USB Headset

Plantronics HW261N Headset

  • Ultra High Noise Cancellation Headset.
  • Connects with HIC, HIS cords and all types of USB Adaptors

Plantronics HW121 Headset

  • Single / Dual earpiece headband
  • Soft leatherette ear cushions for all day comfort

Plantronics SP12 USB Headsets

  • Single / Dual earpiece headband
  • For IP Phones, Telephone System, Dialpads

Plantronics Practica SP12 Headset

  • Entry Level Headsets
  • Comes with Quick Disconnect option

GN2025 USB Headset


Vonia DH500 Headset


Vonia 101D USB Headset


Vonia 101D RJ Headset


Our headsets are ultra-comfy in providing you a relaxed feeling. Most of our headsets have a stay put click stop headband that immaculately fit on your head. They are also very light weight as we comprehend that heavy headset can create hindrance in your free movement of your head. You will find a soft leather ear cushion for your ear comfort. We are the best phone headset dealers and provide Ultra Noise Cancellation Headsets as we not only provide supreme headsets but you can also acquire high-quality of headset accessories like Y cord, USB cord, foam or leather cushions, training Cord,  from our store. Just visit our store once and you will not recall all the difficulties you were stumbling upon with other headsets!! Apart from evading unwanted noise from your ears, headsets are necessary to keep your movement unrestricted while keeping your hands free to accomplish another task. Hurbis India is the prominent name in dealing high-class headset at an ultra-reasonable price. The purpose behind our establishment is to assist our customers in every possible approach so that they can perform in a much better way. Our immediate reply and ability to accomplish our commitment has made us the significant name in the market of phone headsets. We have the team of highly efficient persons that are fully dedicated to solve each and every problem of our valued customers. Our store acquires all international brands, like Dasscom, Freemate, Atcom, Vonia, Plantronics, Jabra and many more.

Professional Headset is a simple device that consists of one or two earphones attached with a headband for holding them over the ears. We at Hubris provide headsets for Cisco, Panasonic, Nortel, Audiocodes, Avaya, Mitel, Polycom, Matrix, Atcom, yealink, Grandstream and other well-known brands.

As we give due importance to customers and their satisfaction, so we bring to them different varieties of headsets. These have an important role to play for those who work in a call center or a BPO. Therefore, Hubris offers BPO headsets and Call Center headsets that are a one in quality. On our headset business, we provide in house support and warranty to our client enterprises. This helps us gain more and more customer support from various corporate business houses. Hubris Provides various brands of headsets like Dasscom, Freemate, Plantronics, Jabra which makes Hubris a market leader in its segment.

Along with these, headsets for Phone are also made available and these too come with protective covers, so that these are comfortable on ears. Another category of headsets is the headsets for PC that can further be categorized as USB Headsets, RJ09 Headsets, and 2.5 mm Headsets. We advise our customers on buying quality Binaural headsets, so that there are no grounds for complaints.

Having an outstanding feature to reduce unwanted ambient sounds with the use of active noise control technique, noise cancellation headsets are another product offered at Hubris.

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