headset accessories

Freemate USB Bottom Cable

  • Freemate Bottom USB Cable with QD option.

Freemate RJ09 Bottom Cable

  • Bottom QD Cable for all models of Freemate Headsets

Foam Cushions

  • Soft Sponge foam ear cushion for all day comfort.
  • compatible with all type of call center headsets.

Y Cable

  • Supervisory Training cord for Headset.
  • Campatible will all headsets of freemate.

Plantronics USB Bottom Cable

  • Plantronics Headset compatible bottom USB adaptor.
  • Equivalent to DA40 USB Adaptor.

Plantronics RJ09 Bottom Cable

Plantronics Bottom Cable RJ-09 compatible for almost all Headsets of Plantronics

Foam Cushions for Plantronics headsets

  • Foam Ear Donut shape cushion for all day comfort.


Headset Amplifier

USB Based Headset Amplifier for All brands of Headsets.

No External Power Require

Supervisory Training Cord

  • Suprvisory Cable to connect Headsets at a single time.
  • Compatible with all freemate and plantronics headsets.

Headsets Cushions

Headset cushions for all day comfort.

Leather Cushions

Soft Leather Ear Cushions of all day comfort.

Cushion compatible with all major leading brand of Call Center headsets.

Hubris India as a prominent name in Telecommunication industry is acquainted with the value of a headset as well as its accessories. We acknowledge that headset in an indispensable part of corporate, enterprises, BPO, KPO and that is why we take this noise cancellation device very seriously. We are famous for delivering the quality headset and its accessories in utmost reasonable price. Our store is a one stop place where you can acquire an ample assortment of branded headsets with their exclusive headset accessories. Sometimes it happens that you attain the accessories of less worth with the branded headset. It seems that investing money on branded headset does not pay well but with us you can remain sure as we proffer finest accessories with our headsets. Some of our accessories are: 1. Foam Cushions 2. Leather Cushions 3. USB Adaptor 4. Y Cord

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