broadcasting pa system

Zycoo SIP Speaker B20

  • Annoucement System
  • Paging System
  • SIP broadcasting system

Zycoo SIP Speaker C20

  • Broadcating System
  • Paging Management Device
  • PA Device

Broadcasting Public Address(PA) is typically required for some factories, schools, supermarkets, fitness centers…which will broadcast advertising messages,  audio announcements or play background music.

However, for factories, schools, supermarkets, or fitness centers, one speaker is usually insufficient to meet the needs of the business as normally there are multiple zones to  address, manage and monitor.

A perfect PA solution is an essential requirement for enterprises in different industries.


What industries need PA solution?

  1. Office Floors: some companies have multiple offices distributed across different floors. If an announcement is required, anybody can initiate a call to the other office.   
  2. School: announcement initiated by school leader or campus radio
  3. Supermarket: announcement of sales promotion or emergency announcement…
  4. Workshop: normally a factory has many workshops across a large area and  this environment can be very noisy, so an announcement from office to workshops is very necessary.
  5. Square/park: background music in square/park

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