Jabra UC150 Headset

  • Entry Level Jabra USB Headset
  • Micosoft Lync USB Headset

GN2025 USB Headset


JABRA BIZ 2400 USB Headset

UC Voice 150 Duo USB

GN2000 USB Headset

GN2000 RJ Headset

GN2025 RJ Headset


GN1900 USB Headset

Modern India is renowned for its highly developed BPO and IT companies. The motto of these companies is to proffer unbeatable customer support and that requires non-stop talking and listening skills. Headsets are an imperative necessity of this industry, and Hubris India is a well-known name for providing high-quality headphones to the telecommunication sector. The most famous headset from hubris India is Jabra, which is used widely in not only metros but in remote areas as well. Jabra Headsets provide users the perfect balance between excellent performance, high-class quality and ultra cost effectiveness. These headsets can easily attune with all voice platforms and workstations. Hubris India prominently provides wired and wireless headsets empowered with several designs and functions. Below mentioned are some of the powerful features of Jabra Headset that are unique to all headsets:

  • Optional for monaural and binaural headsets.
  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Jabra headsets can be wear in three different styles: standard, headband and over-ear neck band.
  • Crisp clear sound.
  • On call illumination, inbuilt mic mute button and call drop button.

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