• Colour LCD
  • 6 SIP, 6 Line Phone ip phone
  • POE Enabled Gigabit port
  • Backup server option

Atcom A48W IP Phone

  • Colour LCD
  • 4 SIP, 4 Line WIFI IP Phone
  • POE Enabled Gigabit port
  • Backup server option

Atcom A41

  • 4 SIP, 4 Line Phone
  • POE Enabled Ethernet port
  • Backup server option
  • Voip Phone


  • 2 SIP, 2 Line Phone
  • POE Enabled SIP Phone
  • Backup server option
  • Gigabyte Phone

Atcom A21 IP Phone

  • 2 SIP, 2 Line Phone
  • POE Enabled
  • Backup server option



  • 2 SIP Non POE Phone
  • Backlight Display
  • Auto anwer pickup


  • 1 SIP, 1 Line Phone
  • POE Enable SIP Phone
  • Backup server option
  • Gigabyte phone


  • 1 SIP, 1 Line Phone
  • Wifi phone
  • Non POE SIP Phone
  • Backup server option


  • 1 SIP, 1 Line Phone
  • POE SIP Phone
  • Backup server option


  • 1 SIP, 1 Line Phone
  • Non POE SIP Phone
  • Entry Level Phone

Rainbow4 6 SIP Phone

  • HD 6 Line SIP Voip phone.
  • Dual core processor
  • End of Life Product

Rainbow2 4SIP VOIP Phone

  • 4 SIP accpunt phone
  • POE phone
  • Product is EOL

Rainbow 1 VOIP Phone

  • Real HD voice Technology IP Phone.
  • 1 SIP Account Phone 
  • Now this product is EOL

AT820 2SIP Non POE Phone

  • High Cost Effective 2 SIP account phone with Non POE feature,
  • Now this product is EOL


  • AT810P 1SIP POE IP Phone
  • Now this product is EOL

AT810 1SIP Non POE IP Phone

  • AT810P 1SIP.
  • Now this product is EOL.

AT800DP IP Phone

  • The first professional IP Phone designed for call center agents
  • Product is EOL

WiFI SIP Phone

  • SIP Based Wifi IP Phone
  • Top Level Voice Quality

Rainbow2LW WIFI IP Phone

Rainbow2LW WIFI IP Phone has features like Dual core CPU is the guarantee of high-quality IP phone, top level voice quality.

Rainbow2 4SIP IP Phone

Rainbow2 4SIP IP Phone has features like basic style, easy to use, batch configure and deploy the phones with tools Under Windows OS and top level voice quality.

ATCOM is a leading VoIP phone provider in the world. For Indian market Hubris get a chance to promote Atcom products and Hubris become a National Distributor of ATCOM Products in India.

Atcom have spent many years in R&D in IT and telecom industry to provide world class solution to our customer with their requirements. With so many research and best practices, we are able to know the value of voice over IP communication and for this demand Atcom introduce High Quality of IP Phones, VOIP Phones. Atcom provides  competitive VOIP total solution for customers and continue to enhancing their user experience and create more value for them. Till now, Atcom have been supplying their VoIP products to over million of clients in over 100 countries.

ATCOM set its vision at “becoming the top level manufacturer of IP voice communication products in the world” , live by motto of “ working hard and innovative” and provide better products and service for our clients.

Atcom have wide ranges of IP Phones as below:

  • SIP Phones.
  • Wifi IP Phones.
  • Gigabyte voip Phones.
  • Color Display Phones.
  • Entry Level Phones.
  • Executive Level Phones.
  • Manager Level Phones.
  • 1SIP, 2 SIP, 4 SIP, 6 SIP IP phones.
  • POE voip Phones.
  • Non POE voip Phones.
  • Call Center IP phones
  • HD Quality Voip Phones


Hubris is India’s Gold distributors of world’s leading IP Phones company called ATCOM. Being in the market for many years, we have compiled and presented best of VOIP Phones brands under one roof. Atcom is one such brand that Hubris wholeheartedly promotes. Atcom technology is internationally known for its vivid range of VoIP phones and the like.

Atcom is a stringent player when it comes to research and development and hence has developed VoIP products in the hopes of giving a better telecommunication system across the world. Atcom’s list of VoIP phone products include IP phones, telephony card, IP PBX supplies and other IMS, softswitch and NGN carriers. Atcom SIP phones and Internet phones is being exported to over 100 countries and varied telecommunication industries today. ATCOM have wide ranges of IP Phones like 1 SIP, 2 SIP, 4 SIP accounts phones, wifi phones, Gigabytes IP phones, colour display IP Phones.

With the vision of providing a rich and comprehensive user experience, ATCOM IP telephony range is designed with sophisticated VoIP technology and it is the first brand to launch IP phones in the call centre industry and the first brand in the world to launch a set of Wifi PBX Mesh protocol that deploys wireless communication within a cost effective environment, especially in the rural areas.

There are more than 12 Atcom ranges of telecommunication products dealt by Hubris that caters to numerous prerequisites of the vast industry. The VoIP phones are customised with lofty technological features including Programmable keys, Dual core processors, TFT colour display, proxy server and point to point connection, backup server, thick silicon rubber and hifi voice quality for noise cancellation and voice leak and innovative paperless BLF+BLA.

Atcom devices are equipped with 2D Graphics that enables high standard user experience and improves the communication operation considerably.  The Ultra-low Total Harmonic Distortion curve value helps users to experience a digitalised communication with zero noise disturbances. 

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